In 2021, PG SLOT’s Jurassic Kingdom slot game is anticipated to be another money-making game, bringing players together for a spin.

Each spin enters a winning payline. Multiple multiplier rates and game elements contribute to a constant cash flow.

Jurassic Kingdom Slot Machine With Dinosaurs And Easily Acquired Bonuses

Late Jurassic period Only dinosaurs rule the planet. Massive volcanoes began erupting, releasing lava that violently consumed the earth’s surface. Diverse dinosaur species panic and attempt to evade extinction. Although every player is aware with the outcome of this adventure, PG SLOT has produced a fun slot game based on the heyday of seven dinosaur species. Jurassic period and capitalize on it

Guide for Jurassic Slots slot machines are simple to play and pay out actual cash.

Simply press the spin button and wait for three to six reward symbols to appear on the payout table to play the Jurassic slot machine. There are 11 standard prize symbols and two special symbols, the Wild and the Scatter, on the 6-reel, 6-plus-payline slot machine’s paytable. This game offers 64 to 46,656 possible outcomes. Here are the particulars on the Jurassic Kingdom game emblems.

The symbol for Scatter is a volcanic explosion. Used to activate the game’s bonus mode.

The emblem of Wild is a bird of prey. It replaces all other symbols besides the Scatter symbol.

The Tyrannosaurus icon has a maximum payout rate of 150 percent.

Triceratops or three-horned dinosaur symbol. The greatest payout percentage is 80%.

Ankylosaurus emblem or pendulum-tailed dinosaurs The maximum return is sixty percent.

Brontosaurus or long-necked dinosaur symbol. The payment maximum is 30.

Pakycephalosaurus seal or a bald dinosaur The maximum return is fifteen percent.

dodo bird emblem The maximum return is fifteen percent.

The payout for the letters A and K is seventh highest.

Four is the maximum payment for Q, J, and 10 symbols.

Special Slot Machine Functions Profitable Jurassic Kingdom Game 2021

There are three types of special features in the slot machine game Jurassic Realms that might be considered moneymakers. Below are descriptions of each characteristic.

The Wilds on the Way feature

The Wilds on the Way feature frames huge symbols in silver on slot grids. If this symbol wins, it will be replaced with a golden frame containing a new symbol chosen at random. If a symbol wins twice, it will transform into a wild symbol.

Multiplier feature

The multiplier function assigns each successful combination a unique multiplier rate. This grows by one per combination, reaches a maximum of five, and remains at five until the combo ends.

free spins feature

When four or more Scatter symbols appear, the free spins bonus for Jurassic Games is unlocked. 8 free spins are triggered 1x up to a maximum of 8x, lasting till the free spins feature concludes. Until further notice, if you land Get more scatter symbols You receive an additional free spin for each symbol.

Aftermath: Jurassic Kingdoms Free Trial

PGSLOTAUTO is an entry point for the Jurassic Kingdoms game, where you can play for free. Simply apply for membership on the website or send an email to the staff using LINE@, and you’ll get access to more than a hundred slot games. no cost And if you like to wager with real cash, you can deposit and withdraw funds in a quick, automated manner and begin earning gains immediately.

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