Review of the Slot Machine, “Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop”

Volatile Vikings 2 is the third slot machine that Relax Gaming has added to their Dream Drop progressive jackpot network. The original Volatile Vikings slot machine had an unsettling and occasionally exhilarating atmosphere. The second slot is quite similar to the first one, with the main focus being on cascading winnings that activate multiplier symbols that build a persistent multiplier in free spins. The Mega may go as high as €10,000,000, while the Dream Drop jackpots are a new feature.

The environment has also changed between the two games, with Volatile Vikings 2 taking place in a far more pleasant setting than the frigid regions of the original game or the flames of the bonus round. The game’s major events are now played out in a stylish stone building with circular windows that allow in bright rays of sunlight. While the slot’s lack of mystique is noticeable, the improved visuals, upbeat score, and inviting atmosphere are all positive changes.

Don’t get too comfortable, though; Volatile Vikings 2 isn’t in the title for nothing. Even though the mathematical model is just as volatile as previously, the RTP should be somewhat different. With Dream Drop included, the RTP increases to 94.8% (after deducting the jackpot payout of 12%). The Jackpot feature can theoretically be triggered with bets as low as 20 p/c and as much as £/€100 each spin. The game’s accessibility across mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms is equally egalitarian.

Although getting to the Jackpot round is obviously the ultimate objective, games are often played on a 6-by-5 grid. Scatter payments are used to determine winners in this game, with payouts triggered if 8 or more identical symbols appear anywhere on the playing field. There are four runic things that pay out the least, and four Viking-looking faces and what could be a boar that pay out the most. Eight matching low-pay symbols pay out at 0.4-0.5x the wager, and matching 12+ symbols pay out at 3-6x the wager. Having 8 high payouts in play is worth 1-10x the bet, and having 12+ premiums in play is worth 10-50x the bet.

Cascades, Multiplier Reveals, free spins, and the Dream Drop jackpot round are just some of the slot features in Volatile Vikings 2: Dream Drop.


The winning symbols in a scatter win will “explode” off the screen. Dropping into the voids below are new and/or previously used symbols. The cascade reactivates if the symbol drop results in a fresh scatter win.

Exposing the Multiplier

The Multiplier Reveal function may be used to increase your winnings in the main game. Each time the reels spin, there will be two Multiplier Reveal symbols on reels three and four. There are two numbers, a counter and a multiplier value, shown on each Multiplier Reveal sign. Each subsequent cascade on the same spin reduces the counter value by 1. When the counter reaches zero, the multiplier kicks in, obliterating all nearby symbols and clearing the way for brand new symbols to fall. Another cascading Multiplier Reveal sign will be introduced. All acquired multipliers are added together and applied to the final win amount at the conclusion of the spin.

No Risk Turns

Scatter symbols trigger 6 free games when 3 appear during the main game, with each extra scatter awarding an additional free game. With one crucial distinction, the free spins mode operates just like the main game. Values are added to a long-lasting multiplier whenever the Multiplier Reveal event occurs. At the conclusion of each free spin, this multiplier is added to all winners. Each Bonus symbol that appears throughout the bonus round triggers an additional free spin.

A Bonus for Dreaming

Before each regular spin, the Dream Drop Bonus round may be randomly activated. When it goes off, 5 reels appear on the screen, each with a different jackpot labeled above it. Once we get going, the only symbols that may appear on the reels are boxes or DD. When crates are broken, the DD symbols on the reels stay put. When all positions on a single reel are occupied by DD symbols, the prize for that reel is paid out. The starting amounts for the Mini, Maxi, Major, and Mega jackpots are €1, €5, €100, €25,000, and €500,000, respectively. The Mega will always fail the first two times before reaching one million Euros. Every so often, its value is bumped up until it reaches €10,000,000. From then on, it will stay put.

Review of the Slot Game “Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop”

It was a wonderful surprise to see Volatile Vikings 2 as the third installment of Dream Drop. Scatter winnings and increasing multipliers were combined to great effect in the preceding game, a novel slot machine with a Norse theme. All of it is supposed to be back for the sequel, albeit toned down. The biggest draw is undoubtedly the chance to win astronomical sums of money. If you take away the big wins, though, the game is a bit underwhelming.

The level of mystery has been toned down, making Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop more accessible to a wider audience. Perhaps this was the intention, and it was one approach to get more people interested in the Dream Drop jackpots. The updated atmosphere is not off-putting in the least; in fact, it enhances the experience thanks to sharper visuals and a more upbeat score. It lacked the striking mystique of the first part’s Norse mythology. Importantly, in Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop, the premium symbols still chant whenever they help achieve a victory. Not quite as eerily as previously, but yet retaining that wonderful nuance. Quite a few additional factors have also been scaled back. The return to player has decreased, as expected, but the non-jackpot maximum win has also decreased, from 20,000x to 10,000x. A high amount of the RTP being assigned to the jackpots has a logical effect of reducing the frequency with which players may earn free spins throughout gaming.

Finally, Volatile Vikings 2 is a fun Dream Drop slot with a positive attitude, but it is inferior to the first game in every way save the jackpot. Many people will choose it because of the potentially life-changing prize, but Volatile Vikings Part 1 is still the better game in terms of overall enjoyment.

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